Monday, November 21, 2016

Plumbing Leaks Attract Household Pests

Plumbing Leaks Attract Household Pests
There are so many reasons to pay attention to a water leak, such as increases in your water bill, wasted water, and a huge mess that can ruin structural components of your home like drywall and framing. But did you know that plumbing leaks attract household pests like insects and rodents? If you have a leak in your pipes, give us call us at Honest Plumbing in Denver. Let us take care of it before trouble multiplies.

Water is essential for insects and rodents to live, and an indoor leak provides easy access to water. You didn’t mean to, but you just sent out an invitation for household pests to live in your home and drink for free. Now you’ve got two problems: the leak and the pests.

You may not even know you have a leak. They are often hidden in places you may not see or may not check often. Of course, there are many reasons pests invade your home but if you see mice or insects gathering in the same spot you may want to check to see if your pipes have a leak. Sometimes you get a leak inside the wall of your home, but usually, leaks are in places that can be fixed rather quickly.

Here’s where to look when plumbing leaks attract household pests:

·         Washing Machine and Dishwasher
Take a look at the line going to your washing machine and dishwasher. People don’t think of these leaking, but they do sometimes. You should periodically do an inspection of all your appliances that have plumbing connections.

·         Refrigerator
Do you see water pooling under your refrigerator? Check for a leak. Cockroaches love that type of water opportunity. Don’t forget to check your automatic ice maker and the water line coming into your freezer. Sometimes these pipes are made of plastic and even a small hole can cause a leak that provides water for an army of roaches.

·         Sinks
Of course, don’t forget the obvious places where plumbing leaks attract household pests. Check your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you see water or moisture under the sinks or dripping from the U-shaped pipe from your sink drains, you may have a problem.

If you find a leak, call us right away. Once you get the water problem taken care of, then you can go after the unwanted pests. But until the water source is gone, the pests will just come back.

·         Seals Around the Pipes
In addition to the obvious leaks in your pipes, there is another plumbing issue that could be attracting unwanted household pests, and that’s holes. Pipes come into your house from the outside and sometimes the seals that surround the plumbing pipes are not exactly airtight. Even the smallest opening can allow rodents and insects to come directly into your house.

So, be sure to inspect your pipes for leaks and for weak seals. Pipes coming into your house should have metal plates, rubber gaskets, foam insulation or some kind of barrier around the pipes to prevent cold air and pests from getting in. If you find gaps, repair them right away.

Because plumbing leaks attract household pests, get in touch with our experts at Honest Plumbing in Denver the moment you suspect an issue with your plumbing. We know what to look for, how to repair the leak and can prevent you from dealing with the added hassle of also evicting rodents, roaches and other insects from your home. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.